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I'dont tweet I don't tweet I am not on facebook I am not on facebook I hate blogs I hate blogs These are 3 rules of hygiene. Rare exceptions may exist for the two last. This site is in construction since Tuesday 13/11/2012. Work was interrupted a few weeks later and is resumed from 23 november 2013.

IMPORTANT NOTE TEST: it has been tested only with Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. Other browsers might involve a different behaviour at least as regards certain details. For example, even with Internet Explorer 8, the columns of the tables in the Creative page are crunched and the text in their headers is not alligned. After having followed the link “Expand” to get a full view of the creative tables, those tables with their own scrollbars are not well adjusted to the window size. Since I installed the latest updates for IE8, the chart in the Professional part is no longer displayed. Despite those problems, I am trying to maintain backward compatibility down to IE8, which represents already a lot of useless work, but not further in the past: I am no longer concerned by IE7, IE6. I am not a Google partner, even not a sympathizer of Google, this ogre that swallows everything and whose even the name sounds like a horrible shot of glottis but, in order to get rid of such compatibility problems and despite the fact that I support a certain competitive diversity, I strongly advice you to install its browser by following this link (read the wiki article if you want to be informed prior to install it):

Google Chrome
Wikipedia Download

GOOGLE! It is a shame!: Google Product Forums › Google Chrome Forum > Can I change back to the old scrollbar? 8 jan 2014:
"When I got on today I noticed that the scrollbar has changed from one with little boxes with arrows on each end you can click to one that you have to drag. I was just wondering if its possible to switch back to the other one because this one id driving me crazy."
"A workaround to get arrows and thicker scrollbars back (and change colors!): Need to use extensions like Rescroller and turn on the option for Show scroll buttons or other scrollbar related extensions:"
According to the next comments on this forum, it seems to be working but they warn you (at least they warn you...) that this extension gives access to all your data on all web sites. Shame on you, GOOGLE! You should be prosecuted. It could be better to use Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Since the beginning of its construction, this site tends to be in accordance with the new European directives on accessibility for the visually impaired and people suffering from other forms of disabilities.

It aims at least to be compliant to this directives, even if, being not precisely situated in their scoop as it is only a personnal site and not yet a corporate one, a commercial or public institutions’ site. The corresponding technological challenge is huge from the beginning and, beyond or at least beside ethical considerations, it is a good reason to meet this challenge.

I consider that the web is such a powerful communication mean (even if your personal contribution to add a point of intersection of web wires or a "new node" in the network, this is just a drop in the ocean and less immediately talking, reagent, respondent than a bottle in the sea before reaching the shore of a receptive soul) that strong highway codes have to be defined and applied in short terms. This does not reflect at all a stupid attention to compliance with what would be politically correct. The web is a showcase to express healthy ideas (so far as it is possible to define what they are) and not to expose one self all over the world, to express emotions of low level such as hate, resentment or even excessive claims to universal brotherhood. You can however share concerns, ask questions, try to respond and CREATE, without screaming and crying if possible.

For this type of communication at the extreme limit as stupid Love or Hate, there are more conventional media such as the BOOK in paper format, missives missiles launched to supposed enemies, flower to supposed friends and e-mail. Can also be bombs if you want absolutely to place them, but be aware that this type of actions falls under the blow of a Law already better defined than that just is beginning to govern the web sites and the "virtual" world and be aware that this Law Blow could be stronger than your own attack.

And if the potential excesses of this type of legal control or too fierce systematization of its application, if these new form of nonsense does not suit me, I will take the freedom to oppose based on my personal beliefs and I will thus try to point the way I am trying myself to contribute to open for all of us.

It is not us who have created the Internet, but the US Army, which made it available to public and therefore for civilians. Finally, I sum it up somewhat summarily if not in a really caricaturist way, but for more detail and chronological knowledge, read among others accurate articles:

This not a reason to apply a military code, but a fairly strict conduct code, because we are borrowing a communication mean established and generalized by others, as a motorway is a means of transport for means of transport built by the State and its engineers.

In a little funny way, (now “social”) networks have never fundamentally interested me apart from the algorithms underlying their specific technologies. But as I start, nearly running, in this way which does not belong to me, as I now start me on this path of which I do not own the original idea, I established at the same time my code of conduct in order to avoid clash with others or misleading them to crash.

Always a good Police force. Arthur Schopenhauer was the first philosopher who enacted a rule that was little respected by the publishers and this I consider that it is a universal scandal and that it has, as a mind and ethical deficit, to be made up as quickly as possible.

Arthur Schopenhauer wrote that editors who employ characters in a too small font size must be severely punished by the State because they wear out the readers’ eyes, sometimes (if not in the majority of cases) in addition to content that is absolutely not worth this kind of damage.

Even if there is only a very small proportion of handicapped who could be interested by its content, this site has to be accessible for them. And I would add that, as their number is small, so it would be a good reason to enable them to benefit from the wealth of content that it is trying to get.

Persons with disabilities are not another human species, it is evident, but I want that other species can also visit this site and to learn something from it: I want it to be accessible, for example, also for dogs and cats (and not for the cats and dogs raining).

This site aims also to be multilingual, at least for French, English and Dutch in a first stage. I solved already the problem for Helix (I suggest you to follow this link: PROFESSIONAL) but I am now searching for the best translation strategy which I do not feel to be able conceiving and developing alone. I am probably not the only one who will solve the Babel problem.

To some extent, a French speaking as I am, is an handicapped in English, and conversely. In another sense, knowing another language increases the knowledge of your mother tongue, because this is liable to help you to perceive and understand the universal principles of speech and writing.

And finally, it is possible that the practice of too many languages at the same time will eventually harm to the practice of your native language, because there is probably no place enough for all in our small brain.